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  • Product Name : expansive cement
    Size : HSCA
    Country of Origin : XIAMEN
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  • BREAK-AG ( Expansive Mortar/ Soundless Cracking Agent) is a kind of grey powder. It consists of calcium oxides, silicon dioxide, ferric oxide and little other ingredients. In order to meet different worksite temperature, there are three main types of BREAK-AG, they are HSCA-I(25~40), HSCA-II(10~25), HSCA-III(-5~10).


    When the BREAK-AG mixed with appropriate water and poured into the pre-drilled holes, it will start to expand after half an hour, the expanisve power is increasing as time goes on. It can get 100-123 Mpa expansive power after some hours. Generally, the rock or concrete belongs brittle material, their tensile strength are far less than the compressive strength (for the tensile strength, rock is 1.96-30Mpa while concrete is 1.5-4.0 Mpa, they are equal to 1/10-1/20 of their compressive strength). Therefore, reasonable hole design can easily crack the rock and concrete or reinfored concrete by  our BREAK-AG. As usal, it can crack the materials in around 2-24 hours. It is soundless,  non-explosive, no noise, no vibration, no flying rock during the process of demolition.


    Comparing with explosive or other demolition tools, the BREAK-AG is much safer, lower cost, higher efficiencyetc. Nowadays, it is widely used for quarrying, rock excavating and removing, concrete & reinforced concrete demolition, such as road/tunnel/ trench/boulder/ bridges/building demolition and construction, concrete foundation removal , underground demolition and other civil engineering demolition.


    1.       Drilling: The diameter of holes is around 32MM-50MM.The holes' distance depends on the structure of materials, the harder the shorter. As usual, the distance is about 5-8 times of hole's diameter ( about 15MM-40CM ). If the user want to use 60-90MM drill bits, the BREAK-AG must be filled into the holes when the temperature is low in the early morning or later evening (or use the special type of BREAK-AG).

    2.       Mixing: The quantiy of BREAK-AG for the drill holes: About 1.8G/CM3. The quantity of water: About 30% weight of BREAK-AG. .That means 5Kgs BREAK-AG : 1.5L water. The BREAK-AG must be added into the water gradually  and stir it with a paddle at the same time. It must be fully  puddled  with water  to obtain the pasty lump-free mortar.

    3. Filling: Pour the mixture of puddled BREAK-AG into the ready clean pre-drilled holes until they are full filled ( Blow out rock dust or water from the holes before filling)